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Photos: Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023

Video documentation excerpts

Camera: Paula Abalos

PREKÄR is the performative outcome of my master research on the in/stabilities of the life of an independent dance artist.


In this performance, I am together with Kate Slezak and Josefina Maro exploring the coming together as a way to counteract the otherwise solitary existence of being one’s own boss. In our collective dance, we navigate through multiple identities and individual agency as we wobble and fall, catch and rest, compete and support. We practice what we have spent years training ourselves in: improvising and adapting, listening in, staying present and available. This, not only because dance is ephemeral in nature, but also in order to cope with the unknown aspects of life beyond dancing. PREKÄR uses the flowing and flexible dancer to embrace a precarious life, whether it be an adaptation to current liberal trends, or an attempt to live in tune with the ever-changing nature.


The performance was presented at 4fT Tanzplattform Leipzig and at the Stockholm University of the Arts in May 2023. 


Full thesis can be read on DiVA's portal: under Clara Sjölin and 'Embracing a precarious life: A study on the instabilities of the life of an independent dance artist'.


The article version under the same name can be read in the Nordic Journal of Dance, volume 14(2) 2023:

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