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i want to keep the cake but eat it (too)


Photos taken by Charlotte Levy

Performed at

Resolution, The Place, London (January 2017) 

Vaskivuori, Lumo and Vantaa Dance Institute, Finland (April 2017)

Nordanåteatern, Sweden (April 2017)

In complete bareness, the close affinity between two people is exposed. Cinematically
choreographed, this work invites the spectator to the sixties monochrome world, to a
manifestation of the so often intangible human emotions, and to a futuristic place where two
women can be the main characters.

This dance piece is Clara Sjölin's interpretation of director Ingmar Bergman's film Persona (1966)
intertwined with her and the two performers' reflections upon 'twosomeness', presented in
an honest and raw manner, toying with elements of insanity, distortion and fragility.

Concept and Direction: Clara Sjölin

Performance: Madeleine Jonsson and Ellen Slatkin

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