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min dröm som rockstjärna


Photos by Matthias Gruner

A solo research project supported by Kulturamt Leipzig's Arbeitsstipendium. Performed at 4fürTanz's Studiotrade, part of euro-scene Leipzig, November 2021.

This project was developed after the creation of Molded Dances and became an extension of my continued interest in German dance history, Ausdruckstanz and the concept of the liberated dancer. The work is taking the shape of a dance solo, like many of the expressionist dancers of that time did – choreographed their own solos, where I attempt to go in conversation with expressionist dance and my own wish to express myself today. I’m dancing to Patti Smith’s “Radio Ethiopia”, playing with the concept of expressing, perhaps going into some clichés, but also revealing my secret dream of being a rockstar.

Wa-l-4c-Kulturamt (1).jpeg
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