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dance classes

in leipzig

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Mondays at Tanzerei Flugfisch

18:00-19:00 beginners with prior knowledge

19:00-20:30 intermediate

Wednesdays at Tanzerei Flugfisch:

18:00-19:30 beginners with prior knowledge

19:30-21:00 absolute beginners

On certain Thursdays at Leipziger Tanztheater:

10:30-12:00 Good Morning Class open for all levels

My approach to dance training is mainly informed by release technique principles where the use of our anatomical structure, gravity and breath play a significant part. The classes are structured by a mixture of exploration and taught exercises through floor work, travelling sequences and improvisation. I tend to move in a soft way - which obviously has an impact on the content of my teaching - but through rhythm and conscious intention I try to challenge both our stamina and musicality. 

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